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1. What is included in the rental fee?

The rental fee includes our event space as well as a private bridal suite, 9am building access for decorating, pictures etc. and an event time of(Reception) 5 or (Ceremony/Reception) 6 hours. For (Ceremony/Receptions) it includes a rehearsal if one can be scheduled around other events. It also includes one security guard, staff set up and break down of all the tables and chairs you will need to accommodate your guests.

2. Can we have a ceremony and a reception at The Flour Mill?

Yes.  If you wish to rent White Billows. You can have a ceremony /reception flip with a maximum of 150 guests.  When you have over 150 guests it is best to rent both buildings.  We can seat 230 in White Billows for the ceremony (chairs only) and 230 in Marketplace for the reception. A tour will provide a visual and better understanding of the venues.

3. What if we want our event to last longer than 5 or 6 hours?

Additional time may be added at a rate of $400 per hour. All events must be finished by 12am and cleaned up by 1am.

4. When can set-up begin?

The building will be open at 9am for set up, decorating, pictures etc. Your vendors can arrive at any point for their set up. When your event starts and guests arrive your security guard will be available.  Your 5 hour (reception) or 6 hour (ceremony/reception) begins at this time.

5. If I am renting items, when can they be delivered and picked up?

Tables and chairs are included in your package. If needed, specialized items such as table linens, dishes and barware can be ordered from the company of your choice to be delivered on the morning of your event and picked up on the evening of the event.  Special arrangements for pickup can be made if another event is not scheduled. Linens ordered from Metro Linen can be delivered earlier in the week and picked up after the weekend.  Please see our Preferred Vendor List for their contact information..

6. Do you offer an on-site event coordinator?

There will be a staff member available 1 hr before and 1 hr into your event. If a flip is required, it will be provided. Once the staff member leaves, the security guard will be left in charge and questions can be directed to him. We do however offer a month/day of coordination service by Bliss Events. They are highly recommended and can assure your special day goes as planned. Please see the Events Director for details and pricing.

7. Onsite Catering Options? Refrigerator, sinks and ice?

We do not have onsite catering. You are welcome to hire the licensed and insured caterer of your choice. Please be sure they understand they will need to be completely self-sufficient. They will need to be able to prep without the use of a kitchen.

If your caterer is unable to do this, you will want to choose an alternate caterer.

Both of our buildings have a nice work area with tables and a sink. Marketplace events have access to a commercial refrigerator. White Billows events have access to a refrigerator in the catering area.  Ice is not provided in either building.

8. Do you have a Preferred Vendor list?

Yes, we do. You are not required to use one of our vendors and you will not be charged a fee if you do not use them. We have put this list together to help you know who to call for quality product and service. These vendors come often and are familiar with our facility.

9. Is there security?

Yes, Security is required. The security guards are secured by the Flour Mill, and funded by the Client. We require one guard for all events and two guards if your guests are over 200 and or you serve liquor.

10. Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes, you can bring your own alcohol – and must be served by a TABC licensed bartender. The bartender must be approved through The Mill. If liquor is to be served, an additional security guard is required. All liquor must be mixed. No shots are allowed. We highly recommend a signature drink or two instead of a open bar.

11. How much parking is available?

Yes, there is ample parking. The security guard assigned to your event will help direct your guests to the appropriate parking for your event.

12. Are candles allowed?

Yes, candles are allowed. They must be enclosed in glass.

13. What are the rules regarding decorations?

You may bring in your own decor, but it must be installed in a way that does not damage our facility – no staples, tacks, glue guns, nails, tape or command strips. Some of these items will take off the finish of the floors and paint off the walls.

14. Are sparklers allowed? What are other choices for my send off?

No, they are not. The City of McKinney does not allow fireworks within city limits. Confetti or candy sprinkles are also not allowed. You might consider glow sticks (long ones are awesome), birdseed, lavender, flags, bells, ribbon sticks, or bubbles. All items must be used outside, and cleaned up.

15. Am I responsible for clean up?

Yes, If your caterer is not hired for clean up, then you are responsible. All decorations, food, alcohol, trash etc. must be removed before leaving the building. The catering prep tables and sink area must be wiped down as well. This takes place during your cleanup hour at the end of your event. Please allow enough time for your vendors to and family to remove all items from the building by the end of your event.

16.What are your hours and do I need an appointment to stop by the venue?

If you have an event agreement with us, feel free to stop by anytime Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday morning before 12pm.  Please respect the event that might be setting up.  If you have additional questions please email via the CONNECT page.

If you would like to request a tour,  please go to our CONNECT page!  We can’t wait to show you our beautiful Flour Mill!

17. What size tables do you have available? What kind of chairs are offered?

We offer 60” round guests tables that seat 10 people each. We also have 6ft, 8ft and 45” round tables. The 6ft are usually used for the bar, catering and DJ. The chairs are nice white garden chairs.

18. What is your deposit amount? When do I make other payments? What are my payment options?

The deposit is 500.00 per building. It is subtracted out of your balance. The remaining balance will be due 1 month before your event date. We take MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. You may also pay by check. Send payments to: The Flour Mill 407 E. Louisiana St., McKinney Tx. 75069.

19. What other fees are charged besides my rental fee?

 The only other fee not included in your rental fee is the extra security guard. The first guard is included in your rental fee. You will need a second guard ($200.00) if you have an event with over 200 guests or you plan on serving liquor. The Flour Mill secures the guard and the fee is added to your agreement.

20. What address should I use for my invitations?

  • White Billows: The Flour Mill  407 E. Louisiana St.,  McKinney, Tx 75069
  • Marketplace: The Flour Mill 501 E. Louisiana St., McKinney, Tx 75069

21. What are the measurements of the aisle and drape area in White Billows?

  • White Billows Aisle:   42ft Long x 18ft Wide
  • White Billows Drape Area:   13ft Wide x 11ft High

22. Tell me more about your showroom rentals.

  • We have an amazing selection of decorations available for rent for all events.  Our rates are great.  You will need an appointment to view the showroom.
  • Antique Library Table in White Billows 66″ Wide X 33″ Depth (Preview in the gallery)

23. Are outside photographers allowed to shoot in The Flour Mill?

Yes, please go to our CONNECT page and request detailed information and pricing!

For event info, or to schedule a tour, please visit Connect

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